St Patrick’s for St Patrick’s


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In honour of St Patrick’s day I wanted to post some photos of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin that I had taken while I was living in Ireland. I went to Dublin on several occasions; these particular photos are from a trip I made with my mom. Enjoy and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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An Introduction Sociolinguistics and its Importance in Language Learning


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A while back I wrote a guest post on I Want 2 Speak Thai, but the site is no longer up. I asked Travis if I could republish the article I wrote for him and he agreed, so you can now read my post on Sociolinguistics over at Eurolinguiste.

Check out my post on Sociolinguistics and its importance in language learning.

French Animal Sounds


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Here is one of the posts that I promised a while back in my article on onomatopoeic French expressions, animal sounds! I know that a few of you mentioned them in the comments on the last post and I stated that I intended to do write it. I must admit that it has been sitting in “drafts” since I wrote that previous post (I wrote them both at the same time).

// Original Post in 2012 //

If you were wondering – if you weren’t please feel free to skip down to the animal sounds – the reason that it took me so long to finally hit “publish” on this post is that I’m in a bit of a pickle (hopefully I’m using this expression correctly). I love writing about language and being Eurolinguiste, but I’m finding that music is beginning to take back that place it once had in my life and Sksaxgirl is taking over.

I don’t feel like my posts about language such as this one have a place over at the other blog, but I also don’t want to bombard all of you with my concert/album/music promoting and constant discussion of music things. At the same time, however, I’m beginning to have a hard time managing both. Basically what it all comes down to is the need for your input. What would you do in my situation? Any advice would be immensely appreciated!

// Update 2014 //

I decided to keep my two blogs separate. You can read about my music stuff here and my language stuff here.

Check out the list of animal sounds here.


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