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Hey all,

A few months back I posted about what I should do about my dual identities – eurolinguiste and sksaxgirl. My decision was to keep both but to shift focus towards sksaxgirl since music was becoming more prominent in my life again. Instead, I found myself completely focusing on sksaxgirl and leaving eurolinguiste without a regular posting schedule.

That’s not to say I’ve stopped studying language! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve recently invested more time studying language recently than I had before. That might be why I don’t have as much time left for blogging!

So, to get to the point, I’m going to officially take a break from eurolinguiste. But don’t worry, I’ll still write about language and all that fun stuff over at sksaxgirl. Plus, I’ll post my photography there too since most of it is taken on tour anyway…

If you haven’t already, I would love it if you followed me over at sksaxgirl!