Bucket List

This is my first time creating a bucket list, and I actually got the idea from Blueberries, Blueberries. I will be editing this page and modifying things as I go, so the content will always be changing.

In Progress
Given Up

1. Fluently speak at least five languages.

2. Go to Italy, preferably Rome or Venice.

3. Write a book.

4. Do a vocal album.

5. Learn to play the guitar well.

6. Perform a concert singing and playing guitar by myself.

7. Release at least ten albums.

10. Write music for a movie or tv show or video game.

11. Get my Master’s Degree.

12. Have children.

13. Fall in love and get married.

14. Live in a different country.

15. Buy a house.

16. Get my Doctorate Degree.

17. Scuba dive with a great white shark.

18. Visit at least 5 continents.

19. Perform in Europe.

20. Learn to make proper macarons.

21. Eat in the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower (I’m afraid of heights and have actually avoided even going too close to it).

22. Visit Seattle.

23. Visit Chicago.

24. See the Great Wall of China.

25. Stomp grapes at a vineyard

26. Scuba dive at an ancient shipwreck in Greece.

27. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

28. See the Grand Canyon.

29. Ride in a gondola in Venice.

30. Visit the catacombs in Paris.

31. Go to Santorini/Crete.

32. Croatia.

33. London.

to be continued…


13 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. I love Your bucket list. It has many nice things like to buy a house. What comes to travelling in Europe, then why not to explore “unknown” country called Finland?

    I give here five links from my blog that You can get an idea what to explore in Finland:

    Santa Claus lives here:

    Arctic Circle.

    In Winter, why not to see:

    World’s biggest Snow Castle.

    If You are having lack of time, then this is in Helsinki:

    Historic maritime fortress of Suomenlinna.

    Church which You cannot find anywhere else in the world:

    Old wooden church at Petajavesi.

    What about make a cruise on a lake using historic steam boats:

    Midsummer cruise.

    Happy blogging and travel!

  2. Would like to include a few from your bucket list!

  3. I love that you’ve shared your bucket list, as well as your progress! I also think it’s terrific that you consider it living and breathing, ever evolving. The things we want to do change right along with us. Keep reaching for more!

  4. Love, love, love it! It’s always fun to have a list of “must-dos” for your life…way to be adventuresom…love the blog 🙂

    Courtney Hosny

  5. “19. Perform in Europe” – I wish you would perfom one of your songs at the Polyglot Conference in May this year!

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